Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Glimpse of Sunshine

Yesterday ROCKED!!! And I only didn't post anything because a) I didn't want to jynx it and b) once the kids had gone to bed, I went to bed too!!! So here's my post about yesterday.

Remember back to Thursday night and the Small Victory that we had. I was still on a high from that when I woke up yesterday.

We were so behind in school because we hadn't been able to do anything (except reading) all of Wednesday and Thursday. Going in to school on Friday I knew we had a lot to do either Friday or over the weekend. But I wasn't worried. I took that trip to the park and it WAS school for that moment. And I was happy about that. But we still had some catch up to play.

Somehow, I have no idea how, we finished EVERYTHING that we hadn't done that week! It was insane!!! We had such a great day!

At 6:30am, there was a pretty horrible storm and the kids came into my bed for a while. Abby fell back asleep. Isaac just cuddled. But we began the day with cuddles and loves. And it really helped us, I think.

Do I want to start every day with cuddles and loves now? Oh hell no! BUT it made a difference for yesterday! And the whole day was just FUN! We had fun together! YAY!

A day for the books.....

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