Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Small Victory

Tonight I had an appointment with my counselor. (Every mother - spectrum mom or not! - should have a counselor!) I got some really good insight on how the autistic brain works, which was super helpful!!

On my way home, Abby had something to tell me. Here was our conversation:

Abby: Hi Mama! Guess what?!

Me: What's up, Abby?

Abby: I almost bit Isaac tonight but I didn't and I bit my clothes instead!

Me (trying NOT to get into an accident by the enormity of this latest news from my daughter): WHAT?!? That's AMAZING and AWESOME!!!! Great job, Abby!!! What made you not bite him? What was your brain telling you?!

Abby: Well, the last time I bit him, you made me sit down and I didn't want to sit down again. So I bit my clothes instead.

PEOPLE!!!! I can not stress how HUGE this is!!!!!! Score one for my girl!!!!! 

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