Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oh, yeah!!!! That's right!

So, I'm remembering part of why I homeschool! 

In public schools, no matter what happens, school goes on. There's no allowance for breaks or days off when life takes over. Not so for homeschool. That's part of the beauty of it! 

This week has been horrid. Just awful. Probably one of the worst weeks we've had. School didn't get done yesterday and only reading happened today. 

And what are we doing right now?!

Yeah. We are at the park. 

And why not? 

We saw a squirrel!!!! Squirrels are at the park!!! And a WORM!!!!!! Isn't this kind of discovery just as important as whatever I had planned for school today?? 

Maybe today it's MORE important. It gave me a chance to connect to my kids in a way I probably wouldn't have been able to had I stayed at home. 

I homeschool. Which means "oh yeah! That's right! I can go the park anytime I want to!!!"

And watching my kids play brings me a few minutes of I rushed joy. 

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