Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's gonna be an Aspie Day....

My husband had the day off today! After the long weekend he worked last weekend, he needed it. And I was looking forward to a nice family day of rest and just being together -- after school, of course.

Well, it didn't end up quite as serene as I concocted in my head. Within just a few minutes of waking up, I realized today was going to be an Aspie Day.

What is an Aspie Day? Well, it involves multiple meltdowns for no apparent reason. It involves insane amounts of "baby talk" that makes my skin crawl. It involves noises instead of words. It involves multiple 7 minute time outs for trying to hurt me by scratching, biting, hitting, kicking, head butting, etc. It involves screaming at the top of her lungs. It involves looking me dead in the eye and saying "NO!" to something I've asked her to do. It involves demanding a banana because she doesn't want to brush her teeth and then sitting at the counter screaming "BANANA!!!!!!" over and over and over. It involves having to hold her head while my husband holds her hands so that I can brush her teeth.

And more. All day long. It's so tiring. And so emotionally draining.

But today I was able to keep my cool and not get angry. To God be the Glory!

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